Thursday, February 9, 2012

Apprentice of 'Splode-sation

I wear a jacket around the community with the words "Youth Worker" on the back. This way when I'm seen in public hanging out with teenagers the adults know that I'm a positive influence and not a drug dealer. It describes what I do and is a great conversation starter in the grocery store line up or while waiting for the elevator. I like my jacket even though it is four hundred sizes too big for me.

Sitting at home thinking about Jesus I wondered what he would have written on the back of his jacket if he had one. Would it say "Hope"? How about "Life"? Maybe be even "Disturber of the peace". Other words come to mind as I think about who Jesus has been to me in my life. Words like "Healer" and "Friend" and some word I can think of but has something to do with that feeling you get when you cant stop laughing. I want to say "Joy" but that word seems so....flat. I'm talking about that sensation of sides hurting, tears streaming, can't breath, can't see, choking on laughter explosion feeling. Maybe I'll make up a word...umm.. 'splode-sation.
It's my 'splode-sation to follow Jesus and so maybe I should change my jacket to something more like his? "Follower of Hope" or "Fan of Healer" or "Stalker of Life" .
There is more to it then that though. I want to be like him. So I could be "imitator of the disturber of the peace" or "apprentice of 'splode-sation".
Those are getting to be a bit long. I'll stick with "Youth Worker". If you have an idea I would love to hear your comments!

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  1. yup i think i wrote the right bio for you for our letter