Monday, October 5, 2009

caramel apple spice

I sat there with tears welling up and spilling over, hot drink burning my hand because I had forgotten it was there. I turned slightly to the side as I wiped the single tear from my eye, that's when I noticed the Starbucks employee watching us. He was on his break, I wondered how much he understood about what was going on.
I am a youth worker. Last week candice (not actual name) asked to go for coffee. This girl reminded me why I do what I do. She told me of a great darkness that had happened in her past. She wanted to tell me about it because she wants to be loved and approved of in honesty.
All of us feel the need to be loved, and loved fully, for who we fully are, in truth, in honesty.
I hold so much love for this young girl, and so much anger and sadness for the oppressors of her innocence in her past that still hold a bit of her present. Jesus told us that we are to love others. Its so important to him. Candice, if you are reading this, you are easy to love. Starbucks guy, if you are reading this, sorry if i made you awkward and the caramel apple spice was delicious.

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