Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jesus Iceburgs and warewolves

We had our first Girls Book Club yesterday and it was awesome! Sitting there with tea and coffee, sugar being poured out of a cracked tea pot, lemon cupcakes, not quite hot anymore popcorn, using my guitar case as a coffee table, We sat on the floor despite the many comfy chairs and couches, and we talked. One of the girls there posted this on her facebook account that evening:
So according to Girls book club God is a werewolf, Jesus is an iceberg, we're not supposed to be nice, and we should all dance our life away =)

Allow me to explain: We talked about how warm God is, and how he shapes us in a gentle way, by embracing us in his warm hug, just like how in the twilight series the werewolves are have body temps that are way higher then a humans. Then we talked about the difference between God the Father Son and Holy Spirit. We compared their personalities with water. Jesus is solid and touchable like ice, the holy spirit is everywhere like water, and the Father is mysterious like steam.

Conversation went on to the topic of who Jesus is and what we know about him now that we didn't know before. We talked about how he was blunt, not always the "nice" guy everyone made him out to be. He wasn't nice, but he was always good. There's a difference.

And for the dance, I have to take the blame for that one. I was sharing about how my perspective has changed from thinking that following God was sorta like a dog sled team, just running and the view never changes, and if you get out of line you get disciplined; to thinking of it like a dance. He is leading the dance, so I am following him, but we are dancing together.

So Jesus is an iceberg, God is a werewolf, we aren't supposed to be nice, and we should dance our lives away! I'm excited to see what we learn next week!

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