Sunday, November 8, 2009

God doesnt use a hammer to screw in screws

This week I had lunch with a teen and they told me about what God has been speaking to them lately. (Her born again first birthday is coming up in a few months!)She told me "God said, I dont use a hammer to screw in screws. What you want to go out and do is not your job, i have something else for you." The truth of that resonated with me.

Lord, help me to not get in the way of your work.
God, remove from me the temptation to try to do your work for you.
Jesus, take away my belief that I could do your work.
you are everything. Apart from you I am nothing. Let me not be fooled by pride into thinking I am significant in myself.

If there is one thing I've learned in youth work, its that I DONT HAVE THE ANSWERS... but I do know the one who has all the answers. So to those who are not open to talking with him directly, I simply tell them his words of wisdom. To those who are open to Jesus, I simply introduce them to him so they can hear from him themselves.

Lord, may your love radiate from your church into the world being a light that glorifies you.
God, you kingdom come, your will be done.
Jesus, use me how you see fit.

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