Tuesday, December 15, 2009

crack berry ministry and sinking sand

the other day I had a long conversation throughout an evening with a teen over blackberry messenger. we talked for hours. She came to me asking for help because her world was falling apart. this drama has happened several times before and this situation she was going thru was simply a repeat of what happened a couple months ago. Each time she gets rocked, each time it just about kills her.

I told her a story of two men, one who built his house on the sand, and one who built his house on a big rock. The storm came and the house on the sand fell apart, and the house on the rock stood firm, it may have a few broken windows, but it was still safe and dry. i asked her what her foundation was, she told me about how she relies on her friends and family "You see, thats the problem, you need something more steadfast then people. you need something trustworthy and eternal to be your rock. Because people are shifting sand."
I sent her away to think about what that could be.

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