Wednesday, December 2, 2009

jesus please help me

"what if I cant hear Him?"

I turn to face back up the hill, cold air burning in my lungs as I pant because I have not yet recovered from our hike. I face this girl and the look of vulnerability and child likeness on her face takes my words away.
It had been quite a morning. We just spent the past 3 hours in prayer, during which time she only managed to squeak out four words.

"Jesus please help me."

She had been stuck. Spiritually stuck. Imposable to get words out. But at the end, she had run into Jesus's arms and asked for his help. So I then hiked up with her to the top of a hill with a great view so she could be alone and listen to what Jesus's response to her would be.
"He has promised you that when you call, He will answer. And You will hear him honey, you will."

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