Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Phone Drama, Part 2

Ring, Ring. RIng, Ring.

Darn it.

I have to pick it up. Here I go. Oh thank you Jesus, it was just Rogers Video.

My Supervisor Danny is away for a month. My co-worker is going away for two weeks, leaving guess who responsible if there are any critical incidences such as explosions, suicides, angry parents, police, dancing flowers...yadda yadda. This would all be ok, except that it means that I have to answer my phone when it rings. Every time. For a month.
Worst August Ever.
If you read “Phone Drama, Part One” you will gain some understanding of my hatred/phobia of answering the phone. And that’s not my weirdest phobia. (Coming soon, Cotton Ball Drama, the trilogy)

Ring, Ring. Ring, Ring.

Pray for me people.


  1. With all my heart you are in my thoughts and prayers! You were born for this. My heart aches because I know the feelings you describe all too well. You have been created by a Lover of the lost, a Healer of hurts, and a Redeemer of the ridiculed. You have been put in this place for a purpose. This is your time to lean on the One who waits for you with open arms. Whenever you pick up your phone...make it a three way call with Him :) Hugz!

  2. tee hee cotton balls! GO JESUS (blink, blink... coffee hit my bladder, run for the hills......)