Friday, September 25, 2009


So young, all of them. Coming from me, the 21 year old that sounds strange. Today I was privileged to go along with all of the grade 8's at the school to a lake for a day of games and team activities. What a great tradition! Grade 8 is when the lines are drawn in high school. If you are an outsider in grade 8, the hope of changing your social status isn't that optimistic over the next few years. Bullies and victims are made as these young teens enter the world of high school. Who is sitting along during lunch, who is along on the bus... we all remember those days. During the lunch break I took the opportunity to sit with a group of student council kids. They were reminiscing about their grade 8 survivor day. I asked what was different about life in grade 10 to life in grade 8. One girl piped up and said,
Looking at these kids I forgot how...insecure of a feeling it was.
Trying to make your mark, take your place, find friends. Its a really tough year. Very intimidating. I know what this feeling is like as an adult, for I am frequently the youngest least educated person in the room of my coworkers and friends. I have the emotional and mental and spiritual maturity to deal with it. These tiny teens simply dont. I am really hoping to get to know more of the grade 8's this year, to try to help in their journeys through high school. For those of you who pray, these are kids who will need your prayers!

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