Tuesday, September 1, 2009


At Carmen's Questions last night we asked the question why? It was very frustrating, let me show you. We started with a basic question and asked why until we didnt have an answer and got to the "bottom" of that question.
why do you smile?
because i'm happy

because life is good
because i have people i love and who love me

why? .... and so on.

here are the bottom questions we were left with at the end of the night:

why does Jesus love me?

why did God create us?

why were we not made perfect and all knowing like God?

why is God the way he is?

why does God have a purpose for me?

why do people have to have power levels?

why do we have souls?

why do most people find it hard to love?

These are the basic, bottom, foundational questions that are deep inside the hearts and minds of these teens. It was really fun to see how their minds work as they answered questions way differently then I would have. We ended the night talking about the last bottom question that was brought up. "why do most people find it hard to love?"
They came to the conclusion that it is harder to love if you are not being loved, and easier if you are.
talk about a motivation for me once again to do the work that I do! My job is to love these teens, so that they may find the joy in loving others as well. Ultimately to love the one who loved them first, their creator.

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