Friday, February 26, 2010

Does this look like prayer?

last night we had a great time, my co-worker Danny said it best in his blog
Does this look like prayer?

Does this look like prayer?

It actually didn't feel much like a prayer night. There was mingling. Laughing. Interacting and fun.
Most of the time when we picture a prayer meeting it seems like something that may be stuff and boring. Although ultimately important - still a bit uncomfortable.

We started off the night with some music. Singing. But not your typical songs. We sang songs that were out of the culture that we could see God's hands in. Bands like Collective Soul and Snow Patrol. When it came to the song "Lean on me" the sound level in the room was deafening.

We moved into a time of confession. Taking the things we wanted to say to God and nailing it to a cross. We also had a whiteboard in the room that was God's facebook on which people could write anything they wanted. It turned into the most noisy prayer meeting ever. It was more like a party as people interacted about life and the cross was the center of the interaction. Every once and while your heard the nails being pounded in and that meant another amen. During this all we had DJ Chris Harrington mixing some great tunes.

The night took a different spin as we took some time to tell God about our passions. We passed around a globe and people could write their prayers out for the world on it. We also made a poster of the things that we are the most passionate about.

The night ended as we lit candles to represent our prayers to God. It started off dark with only a few candles burning but by the end of the night the room was glowing.
I loved seeing prayer. I loved being able to grasp it and conceive it. And to take a bunch of people who only a couple years ago wanted nothing to do with God to spending an entire evening in prayer with them really was a miracle.

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