Tuesday, February 23, 2010

high lighter

Corey came home to me crying on the couch with a book in hand today. When he asked I told him that it wasn't the horrible story that brings the tears, its the blue high lighter. Danny gave the book to a young girl to read, she read it and loved it so much she asked me to read it so we could talk about it together. She told me how much she related to the girl in the story. The story is filled with rape and other abuses physical and emotional, the deaths of friends and how this girl deals with those things. The story would break your heart, the fact that this girl could relate to such a tragic story crushed mine. The book is called "this road I walk" by twyla rempel-saddul. Here are some high lighted parts: "she wondered if a person ever actually got over a tragedy." "God must be punishing me." "it was only a matter of wearing her down and exhausting her resolve." "shame." "she scrubbed with soap until her skin turned red and her flesh burned. She had to make the feeling go away. the filth stuck to her." "humiliation" "She couldn't allow herself hope."
This teenaged girl assured me that the book has a good ending, so I will keep reading, but right now I just want to close my eyes and ears and pretend these cruelties don't exist. I want to, but I wont. Too many people close their eyes and ears to these cries of hurt little girls, misunderstanding when they act out. So I refuse to stop, I will reach out, I will keep reading, and I will keep hoping for the happy ending.

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  1. "This road I walk" by Twyla Rempel-Saddul

    Now you know why I keep copies on hand!