Thursday, October 3, 2013

Half Way to Agony

See the blue part? That's what we've raised!

People have been really getting on board with my marathon fundraiser! So We are 52% of the way to my run. This is what it looks like...

The part in pink is what's been donated so far.

All the money is going towards providing connection packages for my mentor team. I am connecting a bunch of awesome caring adults with some of my messy teenagers. The mentors will take the teens out for coffee, a game of laser tag, bowling, whatever, and while they are there they will ask them some hard questions about life. My aim is to equip these mentors with a package full of coffee gift cards, decks of cards, tickets to different fun things to do...etc. So all the money raised from the marathon will go directly to providing these connection packages for my super duper mentor team!

Yay team!!!

We still need help! If you want to donate just click here. At this point I can give up if I'm tired after 22km. So if you want to see me agonize all the way to the end be sure to keep me accountable by buying a kilometre! $50 each.

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