Saturday, October 5, 2013



Thank you so much to everyone who gave to my marathon fundraiser! We had a goal of $2,100, and to date have raised $1,985! There are 2km left to buy, $50 each. If you want to donate the click here. Of course if more comes in then that then great! (But I'm not running more then 42km!)

Funds are for Momentum. Specifically to building connection packages to help my mentor team connect with their mentees. These packages will be filled with coffee gift cards, laser tag tickets, slurpee coupons, decks of cards, etc. Anything that will help the mentors connect and build relationship with their teen.

Want to meet the teens?

Here is this year's batch of Momentum students!

Thank you to everyone who donated!!! I will keep you updated with stories as things progress!

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