Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blood Stained Clothe

The blood stained piece of red clothe fell to the tailed Starbucks floor when i moved his bible from my chair. "What's that?" I asked as he hid it away quickly. "Um...that's what I wanted to talk to you about."
We filled the next hour with talk about life and the pains and joys it holds. He revealed to me the scars on his arms from the self inflicted cuts. Some he remembered what they were for, and some he did not.
I walked out of that Starbucks with the piece of clothe that was still holding inside of it the razor blade that had cut his flesh many times, and the dried blood, the memories of the pain. He doesn't want to cut anymore. He knows there is a better way.
On the way home I was crying out to God for him and God gave me an image in my head. This boy was in Starbucks, swirling that red clothe in a little white container filled with stinky bleach. The bleach turned the clothe and the blood white.
"One day you will give him that object of pain back to him, as a trophy."

Please pray for the long jouney ahead for this 16 year old, and for me for wisdom.

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