Friday, July 24, 2009

My Prayer Letter

Carmen and Corey here! Yes we are back from our honeymoon and have hit the ground running!

We came back from our little paradise, having swam with turtles, gone parasailing, surfing and kayaking lazily down a river, and were not in the mindset to expect what we saw when we got home. We were totally unaware of the fact that the world had fallen apart while we were away. We have had many kids meet Jesus over the past 8 months, and each one of their lives has taken a downward spiral (alcoholic parents, divorces, and terminal illnesses.) in the span of two weeks. So we called an emergency prayer meeting. We had no idea how this would turn out, because most of the kids were no longer on speaking terms with the King of Kings. The people who walked by our little circle would have had no idea it was a prayer meeting. It looked like an eerily quiet group of people sitting in a circle with a bunch of random objects in the middle. Everyone took turns throwing in the middle an object. A dirty broken shoe, to represent the need for a new life, because this one was too messy; a water bottle, throw in frustration with all the garbage in her life that she didn’t want anymore. These are very broken kids. I ask for your prayers.

That night I stood outside in the cold for an hour. (I counted 22 mosquito bites afterwards.) Talking with a parent of one of the teenaged girls I work with. This mom was crying as she told me about how she is divorcing her husband and taking all the kids but this one girl I know, and they are moving to Alberta. She stood there, in her pajamas as she begged me to take care of her baby when she left. “The only reason why I even considered leaving her here with her Dad is because I know that you are here, and I can trust you to take care of her.” Wow, no pressure.

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