Friday, July 31, 2009

no way to fix you

This is the best way I have to describe the past few days. My hands are tied behind my back. The most frustrating part of this job is that I have little to no power to change the imediate situation of the teens I work with. To see a teen crying and to not have anyway to make them better, to "fix" them is exhausting.

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  1. hey Carm..I'd just like to say I thoroughly enjoy getting the more frequent updates, you inspire me with your day to day crazy hectic and at most times selfless life. I hope that as you give and give and give of yourself that you are also on the recieving end so that your not completly draining yourself. Be blessed my long lost buddy, you are doing amazing things over there with those kids and over here you are an inspiration to us all. your in my prayers. I love you :D