Monday, July 27, 2009

text messages

this is the text message conversation i had last night, please pray hard

10:57 pm "Can you talk? Its important."
10:57 "Hey hon! Sorry i didnt get ur message till now. I was on the island, whats up?"
11:58 " My best friend tried to kill himslef"
10:58 "oh"
11:59 "What does oh mean?"
11:59 "It means there is nothing I can say to a thing like that. HOw are you handeling this?"
12:01 am "Not well. Im numb. im having a mental breakdown without the tears. im giving up on even trying anymore"
12:03 "Are you talking to Jesus?"
12:06 "I'm talking to Derian. Hello there tears."
12:08 "Oh i lov eyou. I am here with corey preaying fervantly for you. Jesus has a river of soothing calming peace i am asking him to put you in."
12:11 "I give up. i'm just done trying. im at rock bottom. i dont even care anymore. stupid life."
12:09 "I hope you dont mind me praying for you."
12:13 "Not at all."
12:14 "Good cuz i am here to fight for you, to try for you. whe you are a rock sunk to the bottom of the sea, i will swim up to the surface for you. In mark chapter 2 there is a story of a man who is paralized and his friends bring him to jesus cuz he couldnt get there alone."
12:15 "Thanks."
12:31: "Ill call you in the morning and we can go for lunch."

i am about to walk out the door for this lunch... please pray

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