Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Day In the Life

I sat in my car in a girl's driveway staring at my phone faced with an impossible decision. Do I let the girl in my car and take her to lunch to talk about her friend who tried to kill himself yesterday, or do i yell out "Another time!" and rush to see my friend who just told me that one of her good friends just got killed by a 15 year old boy who stole a car and hit him while he was jogging? Both of these friends are numb in grief. Which one do I go help? As I sat there contemplating this, while the shock of the new news was sinking in, I received a message from my Dad, letting me know that my Grandpa had been taken to the hospital.

I hate Mondays.

here was my day yesterday:
8:30- get up and go to the church office, work on administration stuff
11:30- go to pick up teenager (K) who is falling apart at the seems because her friend tried to kill himself
12:05- get phone call from friend (S) saying her good friend was killed
12:06- cancel plans for this afternoon to go out for coffee with teen girls (A &K), so i can go and see S, take K to lunch
1:19- Dad phones and tells me grandpa is going to the hospital
2- take K back home
2:30- meet S at Tim hortons with an ice cap and a hug.
3- get a call from Dad saying Grandpa is going to be ok
4- go pick up teen girl (L) and make dinner together
7- drop off L, go to church for Youth Bible Study "Carmen's Questions"
9- go home
930- make cookies with husband
10- eat cookies and debrief a very very long day
11- lay in bed and stress about fundraising

For those of you who dont know the only way i can do this work is by the generosity of the body of Christ. Everything i do is by the donations of my supporters. I have posted a link on this blog for those of you who would like to donate. The plan for this summer was to spend 100% of my time fundraising, but its almost August and I havnt done anything yet simply because I am too busy doing the work. I dont have time to ask people to support me. So if you are reading this and feel your heart strings being pulled, please follow that leading.

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