Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i'm really surprised to see you

She came. To monday night bible study. Interesting seeing as the last thing she yelled into the phone at me was "Im never coming to youth again".
I didnt know what to do.

So we dipped the bread sticks, i had brought, into the balsamic vinager and oil, and we ate.

Her body language was hostile. She never looked in my direction. So I simply went on with my bible study. We passed the random question ball around for a while, then we watched a video clip that showed a young boy throwing himself infront of a bullet for someone who didnt deserve it. Then they answered my questions about sacrifice. "When was the last time you sacrificed for someone?" "When did someone sacrifice something for you?" blah, de blah. It was going well. She never spoke to me, but she did answer the questions on her turn. By the end her body language had changed to more relaxed and less hate-filled.
Then I started in with my talk, I spoke about how I had spent the past day praying and fasting for them because last week was a killer week and I felt like I had nothing to give them tonight.

The girl hid a tear she didnt want me to see.

"The reason why we are eating bread today instead of popcorn is because this bread is a symbol of the ultimate sacrifice that was made for you." I then told the gospel story. The Good News. The Reason why we are so excited about knowing Jesus. There were two people there who had never heard it before.

So for those of you who are praying for this situation, there's your update. I'm sure things will be fine. My attitude: She can hate me, but God please dont let this act as another block between her discovering you.

I cant thank you enough for your prayers. God is good and at work. Blessed be his name.

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