Monday, August 24, 2009

me, pictures included

so i realized that my blog is well... sad. I tell all the stories i need prayer for, so its quite depressing to read! so to lighten it up a bit i will tell you a bit about my life now as a newly wed!

we put up book shelves and now our living room looks awesome!

I've spent the past few days pouring over our wedding photos, they are so amazing!

yesterday we helped our friend move into his new apartment! I was a complete moron and decided that it was a good idea to do an hour and a half work out on my legs and back before hand. I was jello, and today am very sore. my bad.

I am addicted to rempel's meats farmer's sausage.

My favorite part of everyday is praying with Corey every night.

today i was going through and reading all our wedding cards and found a check hidden in there!

Our honeymoon was awesome, we went on a kayaking trip, zip line adventure, swam with turtles! so many memories!

I am looking forward to the routine of the school year again, this summer has held many amazing memories, but its all been a little...much. I need a school year to help me unwind from this summer! lol

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  1. the pictures are beautiful carmen.
    : ) you are beautiful.