Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i sang

Its hard to sing when you have tears streaming down your face. But what else is there to do when you glimpse the grace of God?
I walked in my door, put my purse down, locked the door and collapsed onto my knees. The emotions I had denied from the past few weeks rolling over me. They could come now, it was ok. Along with the hard hitting pain of injustice and heartache, there was a sweetness. A sweetness so great, so potent, so beautiful I could do nothing else but sing. “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.” So with tears running unhindered down my face onto the floor, I wept. I wept for the lost teens who long for pure love, but cant seem to find it. I wept for divorce, the ripping it causes in all hearts involved. I wept for the silence that often goes with abuse. I wept for all the heartache I see behind the eyes in the smiling faces. The awe of God washed over me and I sang. I sang for pure love touching the lives of those still unaware of its presence. I sang for grace, a thing more powerful then division. I sang for the knowledge that God is at alive and at work in the world that I walk today.
This choking, lurching song will never be sung on a stage or recorded in a studio. This is the song of my heart. Listen if you dare.