Tuesday, December 7, 2010

people-ed out

I spent the last week on Toronto at the Canadian Youth Workers Convention. You know that awkward moment when someone approaches you with a big smile and says "Hey, long time no see!" and you have no idea who they are, what there name is, or where you know them from? Ya, that happened to me about 20 times that week. No joke.
I love being around people, and its the conversations with people who are passionate about youth that I value the most about these sorts of conventions. I spent a significant amount of time in such conversations. I was not alone from wednesday at 9am, until saturday at 2pm. I was constantly surrounded by people, in conversation for days! I was even rooming with my mentor from Abbotsford and a youth worker friend of mine from Alberta. I was never alone. Don't get me wrong, I'm a people person. I love people! I'm an extrovert who loves socializing!
I got home and wanted nothing more then to spend a day alone. There was a death in the family so I was pulled out of my cave of self inflicted solitude and spent the day with my husband's family. Then I woke up today. I was done with being around people. So very done. I'm a people person! This has never happened to me before! It was strange and bad feeling.
My monthly expenses were due so I had to fill out some forms, drive to my boss's house, get his signature and go to the head office. When I got there my boss pointed out that I had done it wrong. I went back home, redid the forms, and on my way back out I backed into a pole with my car. It was not my best day.
I got home after being at the office and sat down to write thank you cards to some new supporters. I was not in a good mood. That's when I learned the best remedy for a bad mood. I'll share it with you... Thankfulness. It's incredible stuff! Thanking my supporters for their support reminded me of what I do and why. By the end I was refilled with passion and itching to get out the door and catch up with the teens I love so much! So much for being people-ed out!
So thank you to all my supporters! You don't just enable me to do this work financially, but also emotionally.