Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a hug

It was thursday night and everyone was listening to annabelle who said “earlier tonight i asked carmen to pray for me. and i dont know how to describe it. it was like a warm blanket was on me. i felt a hug from god. carmen was praying for comfort and that god would let me know he was there.”
The rest of the night was spent praying for each other. We put a chair in the middle of a circle of teens, all in different places in their spiritual walk, and these teens surrounded each other, placed hands on each other, and prayed. It was a beautiful scene.

Question Ball Answers

The question ball has been a source of laughter and tears over the past 4 months. It's a beach ball covered with questions written with a black sharpie pen. These questions are both silly and deep. We pass the question ball around for hours most mondays. Here are some of the questions and answers I have heard over the past few months...

what cause would you go to war for?.... peace.
are you ready? ....for what?
how would you like to die?.... on the Eiffel tower riding a Giraffe listening to Hedly.
what keeps you up at night?... thinking too much.
what super power do you want?... flight.
fold or wadd?... fold
what book has really impacted your life?...the bible, even if I haven't read it, its impacted my life.
who has most impacted your life, for good or for bad?... my parents.
how are you similar to a carrot?... i dyed my hair green once.
what's wrong with the world today?... greed.
when does a boy become a man?... when he takes responsibility for his actions.
is smoking pot wrong?... depends what country you are in/ no
How many chances should you give someone before you give up on them?...Until it's no longer healthy for them to have you there
what do you regret most in life?... i don't regret anything because I wouldn't be who I am today without my mistakes.