Monday, May 26, 2014

Shut up I know this is sappy

Lotion? Did I pack lotion already? Oooh! Sunscreen! The forecast says it will be hot!

I mumble and bumble around my condo packing for my week long trip to Calgary. I'm going over the opening line for my talk…. "Following Jesus is easy...said no one ever." and stressing about this and that.
Honestly I've never been so intimidated for a talk before.

First off, they are flying me in to share this message, so I feel like it has to be really quite profound to be worth the expense on their part. Gah! Stress feels like peanut butter in my veins.  (Shut up, it's not the best analogy, but I'm stressed out ok!)
Secondly I'll be speaking to over 400 leaders, pastors, teachers and faithful Jesus followers from all over the world. Representatives from over 26 countries will be there. Three languages. I'll be using three translators.
I haven't used a translator in years.

The last time I used a translator when speaking I was 17 and Elsie Welch had taken me under her wing and brought me with her to Central America. Man those were good times. I learned so much. I was so lucky to go along!

As I continued to pack my bag I thought about all those that have blessed and mentored me. I put in my  10 pairs of socks (gotta bring extra!) and my four pairs of shoes (shut up, that's me leaving 2 behind that I really want to bring.) and I thought about what else I'm bringing with me. I'm packing the experience that Elsie gave me, the opportunity that Danny and Andy gave me when they brought me on staff with YFC when others may have thought I was too young. I'm bringing the wisdom of Iona who has mentored me for years and allowed me a front seat to her work. I'm bringing the affirmation of Michele who saw me and believed in me when I was only 15 and just getting my wings. I'm packing the legacy of my parents and grandparents who brought me up to stand on their shoulders.

I throw in one more pair of shoes and think on all those who pray and support me in my ministry today and how I wouldn't be here doing this without them. Their confidence in God's hand on me gives me the confidence I need to zip this suitcase up and go.

My suitcase is full, and I don't feel as alone anymore. Because it's not just me being flown out there to give this message today…it's all those that I bring with me.

Thank you to everyone who have and continue to walk with me. Pray for me as I share this message tomorrow.

I love you all,