Friday, November 5, 2010

selling hope

I just came home from a meeting in Starbucks with a potential supporter to whom I made a presentation about what I do. The meeting went very well. I always enjoy talking with people who are passionate about youth, it gets me pumped up all over again! Anyways, we stood up and were saying our "nice talking to you's" and "goodbyes" when the lady who had been sitting at the table next to us interrupted. "You are a wonderful person" she told me. I smiled and asked her name. She apologized for eaves dropping and asked about my ministry. We chatted for a bit and it turns out she is a sales rep from toronto who sells disposable rubber gloves to major companies like Starbucks. She told me "I'm in sales, and you my dear, could sell a refrigerator to an eskimo." I laughed at that.
On my drive home I thought about what she had said. Could I sell a fridge to an eskimo? Maybe if I truly believed they needed one! But what I do is so much easier then that. Why? Because of the product I sell. I sell hope. And I don't sell it, I just offer to lead people to it. They don't have to pay a thing. But there are some people who pay for that to happen. My wonderful supporters who believe in spreading hope to teens so much that they are willing and excited to support me financially so that I can give hope to those who need it.
I love my job. I sell hope.

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  1. interesting things happen in coffee shops. You never know who might be gleening. That's a wonderful story...keep on giving away hope!