Monday, September 20, 2010

So about the jelly salad...

It's become an inside joke, and some have been giving me questioning looks when it is mentioned, so here is the story...
It was two winters ago and we were doing an activity with the youth. We were writing letters to ourselves that were to be sent a month later. I didn't know what to write, so I just did a listening prayer exercise. In it I imagined God giving me a phone call. In the call he invited me to a Christmas party. I was so excited, and didn't really know what to do when invited to a party hosted by the King of Kings, so I asked "Should I bring anything?" His answer was "Bring your faith."
Cut scene.
I'm standing at God's door step having just rung the door bell waiting to be let in to the Christmas party. I look down to see that in my hands is a gross green with pineapple chunks and marshmallows jelly salad. I grimaced. Then my face turned red because I was so embarrassed! The door opened before I could throw the salad into the bushes. God answered the door. He was beaming at me gave me a huge hug and exclaimed "Oh Good! You brought your faith!" He took the wobbly green thing out of my hands absolutely delighted. I smiled awkwardly. He turned and I saw behind him a long table with a red table cloth. The table was covered with jelly salads. I guess everyone brought one. He put mine next to all the rest with a big smile.

He warned me to bring my faith. Even though I think it is a small and insufficient thing, he loves it.
So that's the story.

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